High Fire Frame Melts


Pot melts, mesh melts, aperture pours and grid melts are all variations of a technique that heats glass to a near liquid state to create amazing swirling patterns. This book explains all of those techniques and takes them one step further to create a frame melt. The frame can then be made into a plate, bowl, mirror, picture frame or art panel. Multiple setups are illustrated along with 12 projects and easy to follow step by step instructions. From setting up the melt to slumping the final piece it is all covered. Every mystery is discussed including color reactions, types of melts, the various apparatus available and even how to make your own apparatus to melt the glass through. It doesn't matter if your kiln is large or small a frame melt is possible! There are 70 pages and hundreds of photos illustrating every step in an easy to follow format. All the firing schedules are in Celsius and Fahrenheit for both Bullseye glass and System 96 glass.

Please note: This is a downloaded PDF electronic book with color photos.

  • High Fire Frame Melt E-book

  • Size
    7.92 MB
  • Length
    71 pages
  • High Fire Frame Melt E-book
  • Size7.92 MB
  • Length71 pages
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High Fire Frame Melts

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